Everett's Book

Welcome to Everett's book, Renent of Kireca: The Correspondence. Everett completed its second full draft in July, 2010 and is welcoming community comments and thoughts about it. Feel free to review the book and share your ideas with him. Copies are available in both HTML and PDF.
In this new version, Everett has also illustrated the Correspondence, adding a new dimension to this medium for discussing deeply serious issues in a creative and thought-provoking way.


A mixture of theology and political science, the Correspondence is a fictional compilation of letters by Renent, an old man who had lived in political exile for most of his life until finding his home in a small farming community called Kireca.


The Kirecans believed in a unique theology that did not recognize any god or gods, and Renent's letters both defend those beliefs and also apply them to the community's daily life. He also touches on various other issues, including the morality of war, evangelism, abortion, forgiveness, and his relationship with his wife.

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