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005 Letter 3

My friend Beklan and those of your community: I send greetings. It has been too long since we saw each other in person, and I hope that your brothers and sisters in this endeavor of truth fair as well as we are.
We grieve the death of Paltrat, a great woman devoted to wisdom. We send you a glass bowl in her honor and memory.
I hear that the troubles with the sale of your produce continued and hope that the problem has resolved itself by the time this reaches you. However, if it has not, then Keplodorinan[1] wishes you to know that in our experience, you should sell at three pectors a bushel, based on our measurement of a bushel (for we hear that yours is different): enough full stocks bound so that the length of one regular hand equals its diameter. Also, sell your goods in Baldenac if Delmitiliant no longer suits your needs. Our friends tell us that this is good advice.[2]
I write to you specifically now because Keplodorinan has deputized me to inquire about reports of a disturbance in or near Kefenan and Voli villages. We have heard that some people there claim an affiliation with Kireca and, by implication, your community. These individuals are in conflict with the local councils and with the representatives of Lord Shodac. We had been unaware of such ties, having never sworn a bond of friendship with anyone from that area. That is not to say that people there have not, either by hearing of us or you or by discovering the truth themselves, broken free of erroneous belief. We would welcome this and should not abandon these people if such is the case.
However, as you know, we do not want people perverting our teaching and then causing trouble for which we could be implicated. We would appreciate you inquiring into this. I wonder (although I cannot know definitively) if these persons are recent Umanite converts who have rejected either Jaipni or another local god. Their non-adherence might cause them to be confused with us. Worse still, they may be styling themselves as embracing our teaching about the Jaipnic religion while then fully embracing another body of error.
We have seen this sort of remarkable behavior occasionally. It is strange indeed for people to reject their own religion as unworthy of belief and then turn around and join another that suffers from an equal defect. Error should not be sampled like one would taste various foods, and we must not let such conduct be confused with ours.
I thank you for the concern that I know you hold for such circumstances as these. I and we all appreciate your ongoing friendship. We are always eager to assist you whenever the occasion arises. You, I think, deserve the blessing of everything benevolent.

[1] Keplodorinan was the founder of Kireca and its leader while Renent was there. Shortly before the First Jaipnic War, he helped to organize similarly-minded people from several villages into the commune that became Kireca. A very old man by this point, he appears to have been the inspirational figure behind the movement. However, because he was just a farmer by background, his movement likely would have passed into history without notice or record without Renent. It was Renent’s scribal training that turned Keplodorinan’s vision into a body of written doctrine and evangelistic teaching.

[2] Baldenac and Delmitiliant were the two Valley cities along the Velian Plains’ southern border. Elsewhere, Renent writes that their lords had jurisdiction over the Velian Plains, so it is notable that Renent encourages these affiliates to visit there. With the Second Jaipnic War over for likely a few years at this point, Renent must have been confident that the affiliates’ presence would not put Kireca or its friends at risk despite the incident he discusses later in the letter. Note, however, that he does not cite personal experience for this information. He appears to have rarely if ever gone that far south for fear of being identified.