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007 Letter 5

My friend Beklan, it has been my hope that you and your brothers and sisters in Andlon have been safe through this hard time. The winter was very difficult for us, and the rains have damaged Kireca. We rebuild with hope for the future but wanted to send word to you as soon as we could. If our assistance is needed, you know that we will do what we can.
We also must send news that among those who have ceased to exist, at least in this world, is Trolloban, who I know was long loved by your community. We also ask you to tell Ranlo and his family that Naitrac too is no more. We take no pleasure in telling them this.
Word also comes to us from Arnrian that trouble brews there again this year.[1] We should continue avoiding close contact with either Umanite or Jaipnite. It seems that, at least for us, a quiet existence has proven successful in the past. If violence erupts again, we hope that the same remains true.
We are now trying to preserve what records we can in case greater conflict breaks out. I have returned to replicating the Umanon. I note personallysince I know that you will empathize thisthat it is odd to refresh this practice, for back when I was chosen to be literate, I learned by copying the Umanon. I seem to have returned to the days of my youth. Regardless, we want to create more copies and hope to send some this summer to the communities in Tretica and Merni. The text’s preservation will be more assured that way.
After that, I hope to transcribe the Brialon and send you a copy, for I understand that you have none. It is important that this be available to you. Although we shun all of these teachings, we would commit error to help them be destroyed. If Qualiae is true, he may appear to us someday saying, “it is now good for you to believe in me, for I reveal myself to you. Therefore, emulate my teaching of long ago.” In such an event, it would behoove us to know of what he speaks.[2]
Further, it is important for us to show future generations the current multiplicity of beliefs. If this great error passes, we must leave its relics for our children as a lesson. It would be wonderful if someday a child could say, “long ago, each town believed that it knew god even though each made up its own god! What a foolish culture.” Therefore, let us read all scriptures to the children among us, for doing so will show the error better than anything else. Only, let the children not spend too much time in any one set of scriptures lest their minds become blind when they see the next.
It is perhaps ironic, but we are now the guardians of the beliefs we reject. We should take into our custody anything we can: their artifacts, ritual robes, and images. However, most importantly, we want their scriptures. We cannot let the error of our time disappear, for I fear that it will be not buried but planted, ready to spring to life again. My friend, it is time for us to use pen and parchment again in our life work. Our archive may soon be our greatest asset if the lords of this land scatter the Umanites even farther.
Regarding the damage to our structures, Termon will be asking you about your stone masons. I have already told him how beautiful your house is. Keplodorinan sends his greetings to you and your people. He personally wants you to know that we have gotten through the storm that nature brewed although he fears that the one that humans brew may be worse. Kireca is now more grateful than ever for your friendship and our continued bonds with the other communities that share our commitment to truth. We are in the midst of contacting them too.
We would ask all that is benevolent to stand with you.

[1] It is unclear to what Renent is referring here. The Second Jaipnic War ended prior to the Correspondence with King Kersak emerging as a reconciliatory Jaipnite leader. Kersak’s reign became a time of remarkable peace for Naithan compared to the conflicts that dominated the middle portion of Renent’s life, so Renent is probably responding to concern that ultimately did not materialize. It does, however, show the extent to which Renent did not take peace for granted.

[2] Renent’s goal to provide copies of the Brialon to Kireca’s affiliates should not be underappreciated: for those in the Velian Plains, they probably would become the only people in their towns to own a copy.