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008 Letter 6

The people of Kireca greet our partners at Andlon. I, Renent, write this on behalf of us all. We hope that you will continue your custom of sending some of your community to our festival after the next moon. We always enjoy their visit.
We write to you now for this reason: you should know that we have expelled two men from among us: Kedoran, originally from Baldenac although he has lived in the north for years, and Shotork of Alstefal. They treated the women among us quite poorly, and their continued bond with us was not tenable. We sent them on their way but do not know where they may go, and we fear that they may misrepresent us. Since they once were known to you, they may look for your hospitality in our name. Do not grant it, for you do not want them either. We take these steps rarely and only for clear cause, seeking tranquility within Kireca. Nevertheless, we do so now.
Shershon[1] will handle our transactions with you. Although he is new to you, he is not new to us: we greatly value his membership among us. He represents us fully.
To Beklan, I write this personal note: I hope that you are well. The poems that you sent were beautiful, and we have heard them communally. Hopefully we shall see each other face to face at the festival.
Keplodorinan and the leaders send greetings on behalf of us all. We wish that your hopes and actions always lie in consort with all that is benevolent.

[1] This is not the vizier from Letter 2. Shershon was a common male name.