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013 Letter 11

Keplodorinan sends his greetings to you, for he was overjoyed that your people visited us at the feast. He is always grateful for your brotherhood with us. Our gifts to you are but a symbol of that kinship.
May this copy of the Brialon be of great use to you.[1] Your children will benefit from it greatly, for it is in comparison that truth shines. Let no man say, “I know the will of Qualiae since it is laid out before me.” If the scriptures to the west[2] are ignored, then any man who worships Qualiae ignores scrolls about him. No one is the servant of a god who says, “I shall learn part of the teaching, for that part is believed among my people. The rest is not my concern.” What if the other parts are Qualiae’s will too? Shall Qualiae excuse them for having so arbitrarily chosen which portions are true? Children understand this intuitively.

We hope that your rugs find success at the market, and if they do not, perhaps there are buyers elsewhere. Tell us if you experience difficulty, for perhaps we can help you. We always wish to do so and would surely ask anything benevolent to stand with you.

[1] This letter appears to have been a coversheet for a copy of the Brialon that Renent had transcribed. This was a substantial gift given the production time and effort required for such scrolls. From the letter’s tone, the recipients appear to be Kirecan affiliates who are former Umanites. Since the Brialon is only fragmentarily extant, it is unfortunate that the attached copy was not preserved along with the letter.

[2] This refers to the Brialon.