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021 Timeline

317 AF Renent born in Becopton.


300 Renent moves into King Grelesten’s court in Arnrian.


297-296 The First Jaipnic War: Renent flees into exile in the Velian Plains. Renliar becomes king.


295 Renent and Illya marry.


279-271 The Second Jaipnic War: Renliar is killed, and after a lengthy struggle, Kersak becomes king.


c. 270 Renent converts to Kirecan belief.


c. 266 Renent moves to Kireca.


c. 264-256 Renent writes the components of the Correspondence.


c. 263-261 Illya dies.


256 Renent dies at Kireca.


250 Kersak dies, and Telklain becomes king.


c. 245-235 Clarifes collects and sends the Correspondence.