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002 Cover Letter

To the honorable community of the enlightened in Kelmar though its secretary, Rai-Kalsoy:
It is with continued excitement that our entire Kirecan family responds to the communication that your members brought with them. I apologize that we could not prepare a response for them before their departure, but we felt that your inquiry deserved full preparation.
We carry a great affection for Father Renent and were pleased to hear that you found his treatise concerning Kireca so edifying[1]. He did indeed leave other writings with us, and ever since he left this world, we have cherished them. We send them to you now.
Regarding your inquiry about the creatures you call diji, we took this long to respond to you so that we could make a proper inquiry. We have asked in various villages and even in the Valley, and we know of no animals in Naithan of that size who can move at such speed. Furthermore, we certainly do not know of any creature other than a human with the capability to speak, even in a limited way.[2] We would always urge you to be cautious around tales of fanciful creatures but ultimately must say that, as the teaching of Kireca has always held, these creatures are non-universal. That is, they need not exist everywhere, so their absence in one place does not determine their absence in another. Our estimate that they do not exist in the civilized areas of Naithan, or at least in the parts we know, is not determinative of their presence in Kelmar. We regret that, like so many questions, this one does not come coupled with an answer.
Regarding your concern about burial practices, we made a full inquiry given the seriousness of your concern. In Naithan, burial practices tend to vary substantially, so the situation that you described does not exist among us. Nevertheless, as a more general proposition, some practices are, while not inherently theological, distinctive to another group. It is a hard question whether we should avoid these practices to prevent confusion. Generally, we have decided to allow such practices if doing otherwise causes substantial inconvenience to us, for we hope that observers will realize that the practice, for both us and the other group, is simply rooted in practicality. However, when possible, we try to appear distinct from other groups.
We send you some of the dried fruit of our orchards since we understand that it is less plentiful among you. It is considered a delicacy here. We hope that you enjoy it.
All of Kireca sends its greetings to your leadership and all of your community. Please treat our members with all courtesy. There are valued and loved among us. Our leader, Herlort, sends his best wishes. I, Clarifes, am pleased to have been the one to communicate to you on our behalf. As always, we wish that all benevolence stands with you.

[1] This is probably a reference to Renent’s other work Concerning Kireca, which they seem to already have possessed.

[2] This is the only surviving reference to the diji in the historical record. The events behind this discussion are unknown.